Key People

Altus Rise was founded by Chris Credaro, Kim O'Hara and Jan Skrapac, friends for many years, all with experience of the wine industry. Chris is a highly experienced viticulturist and member of the Credaro family and its extensive vineyard holdings. Kim O'Hara has 20 years of wine sales and marketing experience, while Jan Skrapac has a wealth of financial and management expertise.


Chris Credaro / Founder

.  As a fourth generation Vigneron, Chris was proud to carry on his family’s heritage as Vineyard Manager of the family Estate, with responsibility of over 100 hectares of vines across five properties, a role he nurtured for over six years.  

Chris has now embarked on a new journey with the establishment of the Altus Rise range of wines.  Altus Rise has provided Chris with an opportunity to further express his passion and his unique style, whilst creating a range of premium wines that celebrate the renowned wine growing region that Chris calls home. 

Chris’ skill and dedication are evident from the numerous awards and reviews received over the years for his wines. 

Laura Bowler / Winemaker

After completing her Batchelor of Agricultural Science at Melbourne University, and working throughout Victoria and South Australia in the braod acre farming industry for several years, Laura decided she want to specialise in a more specific field. While travelling throughout Europe for 10 months, she fell in love with the vineyards and wineries throughout France and decided to pursue a career in Viticulture. Laura moved to Perth to begin a Diploma in Viticulture. In 2004, Laura returned to Victoria and undertook her first vintage at Blue Pyrenees Estate, cementing her decision to return to Margaret River and complete an Oenology degree at Curtin University.

2006 saw Laura undertake a vintage at Vasse Felix, and she remained in the cellar until the end of the year. A transfer to the marketing department within Vasse Felix gave Laura a greater understanding of yet another aspect of the wine game, however it was her love of winemaking that saw her return to the winery mid-2007 where she worked alongside Virginia Willcock as assistant winemaker, then white winemaker.