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Altus Rise Margaret River Wildlight Chardonnay Wine
Altus Rise Margaret River Coast at Sunset
Altus Rise Margaret River Wildlight Merlot Wine
Altus Rise Margaret River Coastal Dunes and Path
Altus Rise Margaret River Ascension Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
Altus Rise Wines draws inspiration from, and sources grapes from vineyards scattered amongst the sub region of Yallingup located in the rugged hills on the West Australian coast. Meaning ‘place of caves’, Yallingup is located on a ridge at the northern tip of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Peninsula, thirty kilometres north of Margaret River township. Here the moderating effects of Margaret River's maritime location are at their most pronounced.
Our vineyards are ideally located for growing premium grapes and strive as an estate to build its reputation for producing world-class wine. We see an average of 1200mm per year of rain during the year and our humidity is considered ideal for the grape varieties we cultivate along with a selection from nearby Yallingup on the ridge of Wildwood Valley.